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The power of Imagination

Imagination is a powerful human ability that is worth dedicating time to develop on a regular basis. Here are some exercises for artistic and personal development. Infinite Inner Space – Imagine and infinite and eternal space within. Sun Bathing – Imagine that your hole body it being warmed by the sun. The World Above – Imagine a channel to access a world above the ground that you enter and explore. The Underworld – Imagine a pathway to and underworld that you enter and explore. Dream Self – Imagine your ideal dream territory, house, interior, cloth, partner and new body. Shielding […]

FPV racing – drone POW

FPV racing is so cool!!! Love it. I would really love to try this quadcopter racing with first person point of view. This gives an idea why it is so cool! Here is how to build one. Note the ressources in the video description. The video headset KIT Fat Shark Teleporter is also nice. I bet it could be used for a lot of fun stuff. [img id=”9310″ width=”700″]

Masque Society exhibition

I’m exhibiting together with 80 recently graduated designers and 19 craftspeople from The Danish Design School. I exhibit my master project Masque Society. Masque Society is a personal development reality game targeting citizens. The main focus of Masque Society is to play in the city with masks. The Danish Design School The exhibition, Meldahls Smedie, Holmen Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 51 1435 Cph. K. See the map Open 6-21 August, every weekday 11:00-20:00, weekends 12:00-18:00. Free admission. More info More info on DKDS (in Danish) Opening event on Facebook (in Danish)

Mr. la Cour in Copenhagen

Mr. la Cour wearing his dancing suit pumped up and ready on Nørreport Station in Copgenhagen. [vimeo id=”20960266″]

Big Brother Is Tickling You

‘Hand From Above’ is a really cool project that engage people at public places. Learn more about the project here: Chris O’Shea is a really inspiring designer and he has a focus on playfulness. I love how that influence his work!  

Ex Nihilo at Enghave Plads

‘Trajets de vie, trajets de ville’ by Ex Nihilo is extremely playful and simple in the structure. I took some photos while they where in Copenhagen for Metropolis festival 2009. Photos by Jakob la Cour,

Waterfools at Sortedamssøen

Waterfools in Copenhagen at Sortedamssøen as part of the Metropolis Festival 2009. A magical experience of performance on water in the city. Thousands of people gathered around the spectacle! I did some photos that can be seen here. Photos by Jakob la Cour,