Jakob’s list of creation tools

Tools that help me transform ideas from my imagination into real matter. They make it easier to communicate, visualize and clarify my ideas.

Get inspired and use the list of tools to boost your creative output:
* Essential tools

Go create!

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Essential tools














PLEX Cards – Playful experience cards –
Method Kits –

Interactive performance tech tools
* Audio in sync with audio splitter
* Simultaneous personal attention on video
* Dramatic journey with video build in Klynt seen on iPad – each step can be activated using NFC-tag, RFID, QR or similar.
* Live video from stage amplified to a big screen
* Live video to performers of audience in backstage
* Avatar control with Walkie or phone w. headset
* Projecting generic computation
* Projecting interactive video using kinect or other motion detection
* Button on app to decide major event
* Scanning environment or signals then bringing it to a virtual environment then see it in VR
* Capture scenes in 360 then produce it in Klynt then play it in VR.
* Using Skype to record from different locations
* Gather data about people real-time using Google and other search system then feed it to performer then use it to make a personalized story
* Drone footage
* Voice changers
* Remote control vehicles
* Night Vision
* Infra-red light sources (like IR diodes, a “laser-tag” gun or an old remote control) are not visible to the naked eye, but will show up on cameras. You can get remote control helicopters and tanks which have infrared “guns” and can register incoming IR “shots”.
* Projection on traced objects
* Remote control electrical switches for lights, PIR movement sensors etc.
* Smoke machine
* Megaphone –
* Loudspeaker –

Interactive performance analog tools
* Tokens – such as poker chips, plastic chips,
* Playmobil – for modelling and mapping
* Stickers – For reward, marking objects, etc.