Playpublik 2012 in Berlin

Berlin, Germany
August 12, 2012

Photos by Jakob la Cour

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  1. Copenhagen Game Collective – an experimental games collective - Urban Games Festivals; Puddle Peddler and the Idiot’s game

    […] I am pretty excited about the game and really wanted to show it and play it at Playpublik. But as Murphy predicted, everything went wrong. The whole setup is complicated and integrates different sub-elements that all need to work together in plenum. We have a bike trailer that has a water dispensing system with 4 valves, a pressure chamber for water, a gas flask with 8 bar pressure for the water chamber, tubes, wires and an arduino connecting it all. Then we have a RPM counter to tell the system the speed of the bike. This is important to sync the music (and the whole game) to the puddles. On top of this, we have foot tracking that also involves a complicated setup with a kinect on a stick and a custom tracking algorithm. Now, the RPM counter broke, the Kinect wouldn’t work in sunlight (doh!) and the game didn’t want to play the music. Working on the Puddle Peddler during the festival (still with the hope to fix it) Picture courtesy of Jacob La Cour […]

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