Layers of immersion

Each time you add a layer of sensory involvement the immersion deepens and the intensity of the experience increase.

This realization became very clear when I experienced the same content showed in different ways.

As an example let us go through these hypothetical layers: 1.) Imagine a person watching a video of a situation where there is a person sitting at a chair by a table with a plate, knife, and fork and eating a lovely dinner. 2.) The next layer could be seeing the same situation from a first-person perspective. 3.) Now we see it as a 360 video with a head-mounted display. 4.) We ask the person to follow the movements of the arms in the video. 5.) We add the scenography – a chair and table with a plate, knife, and fork. 6.) Now we add actual food to the plate.

Through these layers the immersion becomes deeper and deeper.