Immersive XR performance

JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO has been working hard in collaboration with Makropol on building the foundation for immersive XR performance. So we are thrilled to announce the project XR BLACK BOX that is made possible with support from The Danish Arts Foundation.

XR BLACK BOX is initiated to expand the reality of the performing arts through the use of XR-media. During the next 6 months we will do this through industry networking, experimental performing arts production, technical and methodical development, knowledge sharing, audience involvement, and other things that can make XR performing arts a bubbling and exciting field to be a part of for both the industry and the audience.

XR BLACK BOX is here to explore and develop a foundation for the performing arts of the future, in which we embrace the use of XR.

XR stands for extended reality and includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and other related technologies and mediums.

Learn more about the project here: