Cinematic Performing Arts

Since the world began to lockdown in response to the pandemic I’ve been pondering the question: How to make resilient performing arts? As a result, I’ve developed a new format in collaboration with Mille Maria Dalsgaard from Sydhavn Teater for the piece Luna Seconda.

Luna Seconda is a cinematic theater play where the audience gets wireless radiofrequency earphones and enters an immersive setting to be engulfed in a cinematic performing arts piece that revolves around them and with video recorded from the setting and projected onto a bobbinet. Simultaneous the content is being streamed to an online audience that sits with earphones and watches the same on the theatre’s digital stage.

It creates interesting cross-overs between various artistic fields: Cinematic, TV broadcasting, internet transmission, and the performing arts. For Luna Seconda, this means that the piece is having live performers, being live broadcasted with a switcher board, done in one take, having close-ups, binaural audio because of earphones, performers whispering into your ear through the earphones, and triple-image exposure on the bobbinet.

There is more info about the piece here: (in Danish)