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A big welcome! I’m Jakob la Cour

I believe we are born to be curious and release playful energy into the universe by moving our bodies, exploring boundaries and exchanging with other people. But as we grow older we tend to get socialized into fixed consensus realities where we forget to be playful and end up passive and isolated. I want to change that.

I’m on a lifelong quest to design playful experiences because I believe play is equally important as food and sleep. It fuels vitality, presence, courage and happiness which is the foundation for the magical moments of life. That is why I’ve specialized in game design, performing arts, visual arts and interactive technology. I use the expertise to create human centred physical experiences that ignite the state of play.

I’ve specialized in physical game design, performing arts, visual arts and interactive technology. I use those areas to create micro-worlds with main focus on human experience.

I design, direct and facilitate quick physical group games that energize and huge prolonged immersion experiences that change how the world is perceived. But I also do a lot of other stuff. Check out my project portfolio.

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[mc4wp_form] [img id=”5766″ width=”700″ height=”400″] [img id=”5253″ width=”300″ align=”right”] I’m based in Copenhagen and have a Master’s Degree in Game and Interaction Design from The Royal Danish School of Design from 2011 and have been running my own business since 2005. I have produced and designed 25+ cultural events in collaboration with small and large partners and received art funding among other from the Danish Film Institute.

The last couple of years I’ve been designing and educating nationally and internationally in both governmental, private and cultural contexts. If you need my expertise then head over and check out the services I have to offer.

Before I began my education at The Royal Danish School of Design I was a performing arts teacher, director and professional actor for a couple of years. I have mainly worked with theater but I’ve done musicals, movies and performance art too.

I also got a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from The Danish Design School and have a lot of work experience with graphic design, photography, print and web development.

About my facilitation:

The participants gave top reviews – we are very satisfied” – Kerstin Andersen, Statens Scenekunstskole

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[img id=”2932″ width=”150″ height=”300″ align=”right”] I’ve always loved braces – just look at my first pair of red braces.

If you say the word ‘CrossFit’, I’m doing a squat without hesitation. I try to be updated with behavioral neuroscience and new discoveries in human behavior. The Enneagram of Personality activates my geek mode. Ritual masks is one of my deep passions. The smell of magnesium carbonate reminds me of climbing. Anywhere it’s possible I throw myself into the ocean – preferably with a harpoon in my hand. The same applies to primitive camping and hiking.

I have travelled and hitch-hiked in Africa, Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia. One of my big dreams is to learn throat singing in Tuva near Mongolia. Learn more about my travels here.

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