Descended into Sheol

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A religious immersion game about fanatic mysteries.

The game was played between January and March 2010 with 50 active participants in Copenhagen and several hundred online.

‘Descended into Sheol “was a religious reality games, which was played in and around Copenhagen.

The game was an experiment in-between 1.) ritualistic theater where the limits of reality changed through theatrical staging, 2.) invisible theater where the theater’s borders changed through the staging of reality and 3.) open theater where the line between fiction and reality was acknowledged.

A mysterious and secretive group called Sheol shepherds have been seen in Copenhagen. They are led by Dr. Lutzer. It is said that they are fanatically preoccupied with Jesus being descended into Sheol and want to change the spiritual balance of power.

A young man has decided to get the secrets into the light. However, this has brought him into great danger. Therefore, he is forced to hide. He is now under the name Abraham Sheol. He will do whatever it takes to uncover Sheol shepherds.

He needs your help.

In the game it was possible to:
* Explore the universe, and affect the narrative
* Complete secret missions in Copenhagen
* Visit the websites and locations
* Find codes, photos and hidden messages


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Title: Descended into Sheol (org. Danish title ‘Nedfaret til Sheol’)

Production: OBTENTUS
Direction: Jakob la Cour
Actors: Samuel Skadkær Hansen, Jens Bäckvall & Karl Sørensen
Visual communication: innováre

Arena: Copenhagen, Denmark
Games start: January 2010
Game end: March 2010

Participants in LIVE event: 40
Online participants: Several hundreds