Yihaa – let’s get started!

(This is a golden moment full of play action from my game at the play festival ‘Athens Plaython’ in 2013 – it is moments like these that I love to facilitate)

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I offer my skills and expertise through the following services:
1.) Project development (research, ideation, implementation)
2.) Workshop (workshop, course, seminar)
3.) Speaking engagement (lecture, talks, storytelling, debate, pitching, presentation)
4.) Meeting (counseling, development, preparation)

Read more about the various elements below. You are always welcome to contact for more info or questions.

Project development
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Jakob has many years of experience in artistic and creative project development of involving total experiences in the intersection between dramatic staging, game dynamics, interactive technology, transmedia narrative and participatory media platforms. Check out my project portfolio.

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A workshop with Jakob is facilitated so the participants comes into play and gets to contribute through a playful approach that sets free the ability to think and act in new ways.

Speaking engagement
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Jakobs lectures and teaching is about the potential between a playful and game dynamic approach supported by knowledge about digital experiences and engaging use of social platforms and media.

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For a development, advisory or preparatory meeting, the focus is to share expertise, clarify objectives and resolve challenges in a competent and fun manner.

International meetings are typically digital video-calls through Skype.


Pricing depends on several factors such as participants, location, duration and so forth. Please contact for bookings and non-binding offers.


I’m always open for talented people from theatre, game, event, media or other creative industries to be part of my team. Read more about internship possibilities here in Danish.

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