Ears In Sync

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A shared sonic encounter to induce sensory immersion using binaural recording that allow you to listen from another person’s ears.

Ears In Sync is a sensorial live art performance and installation of sonic encounters. The participatory experience provide an immersive binaural experience and is part of Jakob la Cour’s artistic research on playful sensory immersion and mediated intimacy.

One participant is in a sonic encounter with performer Jakob la Cour. Simultaneously five participants can listen in synchronicity using live binaural recording. After each performance the recording will be played in loop.

To induce a playful sensory attentive state of consciousness Jakob la Cour perform altruistic tender personal attention with softly spoken words and non-verbal repetitive ambient sounds, gentle touch and visual stimuli from hand movements and various artefacts.

Ears In Sync is made possible using binaural recording distributed with an audio splitter to several headphones.

Non-participating audience can observe the performance.



Production: Studio la Cour
Concept and installation: Jakob la Cour
Performance: Jakob la Cour

Place: Trailerpark I/O, Copenhagen
Date: July 29, 2016
Duration: 20 mins.
Participants: 6