Talk about immersive storytelling

JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO develops immersive and interactive experiences using new tech, performance, and design methods that are rooted in a playful and participatory approach with the following services:

  • Custom workshop & talk/ lecture
  • Prototype development
  • Creative project
  • Technology demo

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The art studio collaborates with curious institutions and individuals to create revolutionary experiences.

The team at JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO is multidisciplinary and consists of artistic, creative, and intellectual futurists who are willing to do things that have never been done before.

Behind the scene of a theatrical virtual reality production.
Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary attending a VR showcase

In 2005 Jakob la Cour established a place where imagination could be transformed into matter. Since then hundreds of thousands of people have been engaged through the work of the studio.

It is a privately held company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Image from a VR theater piece