Epiphany of Mr. Nielson

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A single player LARP (live action role-play) about black magic in Nigeria.

Fiction and reality blur when Jakob la Cour play the character of Mr. Nielson and travel to Nigeria. Mr. Nielsen is a young western sorcerer. The young sorcerer gets a prophecy that leads him towards the Edo-state in Nigeria.

The LARP was played in November 2010 by Jakob la Cour mainly in Lagos, Nigeria. The game was planed to last 40 days but stopped before time. The game started in Copenhagen, Denmark intermediating in Istanbul, Turkey and ended in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Production: OBTENTUS
Game design: Jakob la Cour
Participant: Jakob la Cour

Special thanks to Ask Svane for helping with the rescue.

Place: Mainly in Lagos, Nigeria but also Copenhagen, Denmark and Istanbul, Turkey.
Date: November 3 – 10, 2010
Duration: 192 hours (planned 960 hours)

Participants: 1
Budget: € 2.300,-