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[blockquote]Here you will find CV and various info about me.[/blockquote]
[img id=”2645″ width=”600″] [toggle title=”Jakob la Cour” hidden=”no”] Jakob la Cour design and direct culture experiences that combine game, theatre, visual communication and interactive media. His current mission is to investigate and design playful immersion theatre in cinematic environments using game dynamics and interactive technology to involve participants in a narrative universe that transform and enrich. He uses play, game, story, code, media, performance and visuals to achieve his goal.

Jakob holds a MA in game & interaction and a BA in visual communication from The Danish Design School. He is specialized in immersion games, transmedia storytelling, playful urbanism and interactive media. He has years of experience as a performing arts teacher, director and professional actor. Jakob is Experience Director in the design agency OBTENTUS.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Projects” hidden=”yes”] Jakob has designed and directed Masque Society a secret red mask society that do ritualistic play and games in the city to bring life energy to the citizens. The Passion Game a tragic ritual game about The Black Friday where Jesus gets executed. National TV covered the story in a live broadcast. Epiphany of Mr. Nielson a single player live action reality game about the young western sorcerer Mr. Nielson. The young sorcerer gets a prophecy that leads him towards the Edo-state in Nigeria. Dyranna a dramatic reality game where participating teenagers gets challenged in their believe. Desert Girls a 24-hour performance fiction merging with a real world business meeting.

Jakob is currently involved in the following projects:
1.) Mr. Cube a pop-up live event that use game dynamics, improvisational theatre and rich media to immerse participants into a storyworld about artificial intelligence and cybernetics.
2.) Nine Strings an immersion game about nine human fate patterns. The game mix digital and physical game activities. It is facilitated by a mobile transmedia application which creates the interactive framework for the experience.
3.) Urblay an urban play community of people that use the city as a playful construction and superimpose it through games.
4.) MOVE@SCHOOL aims to increase learning and well-being in school class by inspiring with movement based learning games.
5.) Creatures emerge from the unseen and invade various layers of reality in the immersive transmedia universe.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Speaking” hidden=”yes”] Jakob lectures, educates and do workshops about play in the city, urbanism, immersion, participatory and co-created micro-universes, transmedia design, acting, algorithmic thinking and human programming. Jakob has been speaking at places like Malmö University about transmedia design, at Metropolis Laboratory about pervasive games in the city and at the Nordic Game Conference about location in trans-reality games.
[/toggle] [img id=”3712″ width=”600″ align=”left”] [toggle title=”Skills” hidden=”yes”] 1.) Direction: Immersive participation art and transmedia universes
2.) Design: Pervasive games, graphic design, photography, web, mobile apps, collages, investigation and development
3.) Acting: Improvisation, Chekhov technique, Boal games, physical theater, trance masks and participation theater.

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects & Premiere Pro

DK Passport
Driving license for car with offroad driving experience
Medic first aid
PADI Diver
Freediver experience
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Research” hidden=”yes”] 1.) Games that are Human-Specific, Non-fantasy, Alternate Reality, Co-up, Generative, Pervasive, Sandbox style, Urban, Transmedia & Hyper
2.) Participatory Culture that foster co-creation and immersion
3.) Performance & Showmanship especially trance masks and rituals. Generative. Mental Magic, Illusion & Mystic. Cold reading & Personality Analysis, including Enneagram & Grafology. Perception, Behaviour, Body Language & Body Phenomenology
4.) Interactive technology; Pysical Computing, Ubiquitous, Sensory, Generative, Pervasive, Mobile, Augmented, DIY & Open Sorce
5.) Visual Culture; Graphic Design, Collage & Photography.
6.) System design; automation, flowchart, information architecture, interface design, event activation

Jakob is married and has a daughter. He use his spare time to freedive, hike, climb, CrossFit and travel. He has been travelling in Asia, Europe, USA and Africa.



Jakob la Cour
Copenhagen, Denmark
M: + 45 2186 2132
E: post@jakoblacour.dk
W: www.jakoblacour.com

Connect with Jakob: LinkedIn


2009-2011: Master, Game & Interaction design, The Danish Design School, Copenhagen
2005-2008: Bachelor, Experience design & Visual Communication, The Danish Design School, Copenhagen
1999-2002: Upper Secondary School (with certificate A-levels, Music, Mathematics, Danish, Art, History, English, Philosophy, Physics), Nørre Gymnasium, Gladsaxe

Work experience
2009-present: Creative Director, OBTENTUS, Copenhagen
2005-2011: Lead Designer, innováre®, Copenhagen
2006-2007: Visual Communication Designer, Nykredit, Copenhagen
2004-2006: Performance Art Teacher, Esajasskolen, Copenhagen

2008: Zentropa Interaction, Copenhagen

Danish (Native)
English (Fluent)
Swahili (Moderate)

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