The Eye Mirror Quest

You are really dedicated! I love that. Full dedication feeds fulfillment.

Now that you are at a public space you are ready for the main challenge.

Document the main challenge on video in one take.

The main challenge
Start video recording.

  1. Look for a stranger that invigorates emotions in you.
  2. Explain to the camera what emotions you get filled with and your thoughts on why you get invigorated.
  3. Go to the person and convince the person to keep eye contact with you for 1 minute.
  4. Kindly thank the person and go away.
  5. Explain how it felt to the camera.

Note: If any of the steps fails then restart from step 1.

Stop video recording.

I have completed the challenge

Note: Remember to kindly emphasize that there can be no looking away for the full length while you video-document.