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A series of 360 videos at Faroe Islands to bring you through water, air and cliffs with Rannvá.

START EXPERIENCE HERE: http://360.sms.fo

Note: It is designed to be experienced with a VR-viewer.

Climb: https://youtu.be/VS5YfMNblfc
Helicopter: https://youtu.be/oYEP4qUBuV4
Boat: https://youtu.be/fjyr-MtTRoM


[ezcol_1third_end] PRODUCTION
An Sms Á Netinum production. Shot and edited during 4 days at Faroe Islands in July 2016 by Khora Virtual Reality.

Excecutive producers: Regin W. Dalsgaard, SMS (http://sms.fo) & Simon Max Bloch Lajboschitz, Khora Virtual Reality (http://khora-vr.com/)

Actress: Rannvá Joensen (https://www.instagram.com/rannvajoensen/)

Director, Photographer and Editor: Jakob la Cour

Production Assistant: Baldur Meitil

Boat captain: Tróndur Lyngvej

Music: Tjant, Cosmo’s Midnight and Rasmus Rasmussen

[/ezcol_1third_end] 360 video
[youtube id=”fjyr-MtTRoM”] [youtube id=”oYEP4qUBuV4″] [youtube id=”VS5YfMNblfc”]