The Passion Game

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A tragic ritual game about The Black Friday where Jesus gets executed. The participants can only enter the game arena if they are willing to take a stone and help kill Jesus. This game is part of the The Passion Game series.

The game was played the black Friday 2010 with 80 participants in the church Apostelkirken on Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

National TV covered the story in a live broadcast with around 150.000 viewers.

“Thanks for a really powerful experience. It went right into me. I think that I have only been so touched in a church before when I’ve been to a funeral.”
– Participant

Documentation video

Press articles: Lys i mørket, Passionsspil i Apostelkirken (page 27)

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Production: Apostelkirken & OBTENTUS
Design and direction: Jakob la Cour, Niels Nymann Eriksen
Title: Passionsspil – Kom, han skal henrettes! (Original title in Danish)
Participation fee: Free
Number of players: 80
Place, time & date: Played on Black Friday 2010 in Apostelkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 1 hour