19 and ready to concur the world! A picture from the top of Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, 2002

October 2016

I have always loved to travel and meet new cultures. It invigorates the soul and explode the boundaries of the mind. I love to backpack, being outdoor and hitch-hike. For me traveling is about having time to be present and open for whatever the world has to offer.

I dream about learning to throat sing in Tuva near Mongolia, swim with sharks in Australia, take a self-defense course in Japan and free dive in Thailand.

My travel goal is simple – yet demanding: To travel in as many countries as my age. That way I know if I’m behind or too far ahead.

Travel statistics
Continents: 4/7 (Africa, Europe, North America and Asia)
Countries: 35/193 (India, Vietnam, Tanzania, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, USA, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark)
Territories: 3/67 (Faroe Islands DK, Palestine ISR, Zanzibar TZ)
States in USA: 2/50 (Florida, Alabama)
Northernmost Latitude: 65 N
Northernmost point: Stykkishólmur, Iceland in 2007
Southerly latitude: 34 S
Southernmost point: Cape Of Good Hope in South Africa in 2017. Before that Bungee jump from Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia at 17 S in 2003
Height: 2438 meter
Highest point: Mięguszowiecki Szczyt, Tatra Mountains, Poland in 2012
Equator crossings: 2
(Note that I have not counted countries that I’ve only been airport transiting or stayed in less than 24 hours.)

A worldmap with all the places I have traveled

A timeline with all the countries and territories that I have been traveling in during my life

2023: Austria, Linz
2023: Scotland, Edinburgh
2023: Iceland

2022: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy

2021: Iceland
2021: Austria


2019: The Netherlands
2019: Enschede, The Netherlands
2019: Sweden
2019: Malmö, Sweden
2019: Senegal

2018: Sweden
2018: Den Bosch, The Netherlands
2018: Jordan
2018: Tenerife, Spain

2017: Helsingborg, Sweden
2017: Helsingborg, Sweden
2017: Cape Town, South Africa
2017: Siegen, Germany

2016: Brussels, Belgium
2016: Malmö, Sweden
2016: Perstorp, Sweden
2016: Faroe Islands
2016: Karlskrona, Sweden

2015: Malmö, Sweden

2014: Perstorp, Sweden
2014: Gullbrannagården, Sweden

2013: Perstorp, Sweden
2013: Athens, Greece
2013: London, England
2013: Poznan, Poland

2012: Zurich, Switzerland
2012: Tatra Mountains, Poland
2012: Finland
2012: Kullaberg, Sweden
2012: Vietnam
2012: Doha, Qatar

2011: Stockholm, Sweden
2011: Övedskloster, Sweden
2011: Söderåsen, Sweden
2011: Malmö, Sweden
2011: Malmö, Sweden
2011: India
2011: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2010: Damaskus, Syria
2010: Beirut, Libanon
2010: Lagos, Nigeria
2010: Istanbul, Turkey
2010: Stockholm, Sweden
2010: Oberammergau, Germany
2010: Faroe Island
2010: Malmö, Sweden
2010: London, England

2009: Malaga, Spain
2009: Morocco
2009: Malmö, Sweden
2009: Berlin, Germany
2009: Strasbourg, France

2008: Oslo, Norway
2008: Petra, Jordan
2008: Dahab, Egypt
2008: Jerusalem, Israel

2007: Söderåsen, Sweden
2007: Iceland

2006: Berlin, Germany

2005: Hulshult, Sweden

2004: Göteborg, Sweden
2004: Malmö, Sweden

2003: Hamburg, Germany
2003: Zambia

2002-03: Tanzania
2002: Alperne, Italy

2001: Lillehammer, Norway
2001: Paris, France
2001: Bologna, Italy

2000: London, England

1999: Lillehammer, Norway
1999: Prag, Czech Republic

1998: Florida, USA
1998: Warszawa, Poland

1997: Sweden

1992: Italy

1982: Denmark (Country of birth)