Video documentation

Video documentation

There are many ways to document an endeavour. You want the combination of high quality and steady images, high quality audio, mobility and connectivity.

iPhone solution
An example of a powerful setup is an iPhone 5s and earphons w. mic with a tripod mount, a tripod, a data plan, a dropbox account and the iMovie app for iOS. You will get good images and sound and you can edit and share the files immediately afterwards. The tripod can be used as a steady cam or a stand for recording.

Record audio with earphons w. mic.

Tip: You do not have to put the earphone in the ear you can just hold the mic. in your hand or clip in on your cloth.

Edit video in iMovie

Get a smartphone tripod mount like this on eBay:

Share files with Dropbox

Tip: Use it to maintain full HD quality.