Euphoria is a mystical role-playing experience. It leads participants through a colorful and sensually overloaded mystic embodiment process. This is done to experience an altered state of consciousness and ecstatic liberation.

Participants become part of a group and will be led through a series of acts. Acts that aim to give rise to a collective mystic trance of divine madness. Then afterward transitioning into blissful relaxation. The mood will be fanatic and full of extreme contrasts – creating the path for eternal awakening.

Experimental Role-play Experience
3,5 hour

August 2021

Advisory: Highly immersive, multi-sensory experience with ceremonial engagement. Physical contact is optional from no physical contact to extreme contact with stress positions and intimacy. There are moments of darkness, fog/haze, strong smells/ essential oils, flashing lights, themes around religious fanaticism. Optional bare skin or nudity. Optional having Blue Lotus tincture and Damiana tea. The age restriction is 17+. The performance will be photo and video documented and might be used online and in print. Please wear comfortable clothes for extreme movement and relaxation. Clothes might become wet and dirty. The experience is wheelchair accessible. Chairs can be supplied during experience if needed. Be ready 10 mins before the experience starts.

Premiere August 27, 2021 at Blackbox Cph

Concept: Jakob la Cour
Performer: Jakob la Cour
Light: Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo
Videographer: Alexander Brask