Iridescent Cleanse

By Jakob la Cour Studio

Embrace your state-shifting chromatic nature and illuminate the enchanted aspects of yourself as you are guided through the transformation.

The immersive mixed-reality one-on-one performance ‘Iridescent Cleanse’ invites an audience to a sensory cleansing experience with both physical and digital artifacts to stimulate rejuvenation, altered perception, and well-being.

Iridescent Cleanse
Mixed-Reality Performance
20 mins

Remote performance at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2, 2023
Preview performance at Breaking Convention, England, April 20-22, 2023
Technical preview at CopenX, Børsen, April 8, 2022
Technical preview at CPH:DOX, VEGA, April 3, 2022
Technical preview at Catch, Kulturværftet, March 31, 2022

Production: Jakob la Cour Studio
Concept & direction: Jakob la Cour
VR art: Cenk Güzelis
Sound design: Markus Trige Frandsen
VR development: Burkart Schwaighofer
Performer: Jakob la Cour

Made possible with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.