The trembling transition between air and water is a magical phenomenon where the element’s refraction and interplay create a world of beauty, motion, and being. Here light and shadows dance on the water’s surface and beneath, while the splashing and bubbles play across.

With cautious steps, you enter a dynamic room between above and below with your adult. Soon you become curious about the reflective surfaces, and see that luminous prismatic colors are released in the room, wavering and gentle sounds are manifested while shadows fleetingly change shape. A Surface Creature shows you fun ways to open secret opportunities and movements. In this world of continuous transformation, you explore textures, surfaces, and movement while being swept away by the pulsating beauty and wonder of water and air through your sensory explorations and rising playfulness.

SURFACE invites children aged 2-6 years into an enchanting performance space through an interactive and immersive room, created as a playful and sensory universe, where the children’s movements and curiosity bring the environment to life. Here aesthetic and creative discovery unfolds with every movement.

Created by performing artists Jakob la Cour and Simone Wierød. Produced by Dansehallerne.


Surface (Org. Danish title ‘Overflade’)
Immersive long durational performance space
6 hours

Concept and staging: Jakob la Cour and Simone Wierød
Choreography: Simone Wierød
Interaction: Jakob la Cour
Performer: My Nilsson
Costume design: Marie Nørgaard Nielsen
Sound design: Frederik la Cour
Production: Jakob la Cour Studio and Wired Studio
Work assistant: Signe Rohardt Lund
Photo: Jakob la Cour

Produced by Dansehallerne.

Made possible with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.