Kattejammer rock

Kattejammer rock is a newly written youth show with music and virtual reality inspired by the songs from the album.

40 years ago, children and young people from Vesterbro Ungdomsgård sang all the way to the charts and into the hearts of people with the album ‘Kattejammer rock’. Now, the beloved and strong songs from the start become the Kattejammer rock show about today’s youngsters.

Liva, a young girl with a missing mother and a sore soul, is being sought by the older mysterious boy Leo. Together they access a world of memories of vulnerability, strength, and cohesion.

JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO produced virtual reality, scenography and video projection.

Commisioned by Teater Vestvolden

Musical theatre
Teater Vestvolden
1 hour

Hvidovre, Denmark
September, 2018


© Photo by Karoline Lieberkind and JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO