The Garden of Thoughts

JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO was creative advisor and counselor for The Garden of Thoughts by Pernilla Belfrage.

Leave the outer world for a while, take a deep breath, and be part of the Garden of Thoughts. Relax and let yourself be immersed into this VR universe. Get a glimpse of a peaceful place, at the intersection of animation, sound, and tactility.

The Garden of Thoughts (Le Jardin des Pensées) is a VR experience and installation that inspires reflection and a moment of calm. In the experience the digital and the physical worlds are interwoven through animation, music, participatory embroidery, and virtual reality technology. The audience is invited to become co-creators and by participating they help the experience to grow.

The experience is based on the story of a flower’s journey through life. As the flower grows through its experiences in life, the view on the surrounding environment changes and it gets evident how we’re all connected through the thoughts we share.

Immersive VR installation
20 minutes


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© Photos by Pernilla Belfrage and Jakob la Cour. Courtesy of Pernilla Belfrage.