Personal Records

Personal records

(Diving in the gulf of Aqaba, 2008)
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I believe that first priority is to be playful and feel good with the activity you do. After that comes focus on achievements. That is why I haven’t been good at keeping track of my personal records. In spite of that I have some of my max achievements here categorized in various roles.

Check out my travel statistics here.

12,5 meter pistol precision shooting with Grand Power K100: 92-4x (the best would be 100-10x), May 11, 2014

Free diver
Static apnea: 3:48 minutes, 2012
Dynamic apnea with fins: 83 meters, 2012
Constant weight apnea without fins: 13 meters, 2012

[img id=”7755″ width=”450″ height=”300″ align=”right”] Adventurer
Bungee-jump: 111 meter, Victoria Falls, Zambia, 2003
Rappelling: 86 meters, Kopperhatten, Sweden
Camel race: Winner of the camel race, Camel Festival, Bikaner, India, 2011

Olympic weightlifting
Split jerk: 70kg
Clean: ?
Snatch: ?
Squat clean: ?
Power clean: ?

Squat: ?
Bench press: ?
Deadlift: 90kg x 4

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