With gratitude and humbleness

It warms my soul when I receive recognition for my work. With gratitude and humbleness I share some of the comments of love that I’ve received.

…of the games I did play I was particularly taken by Jakob La Cour’s The Avatar Controller…
– Holly Gramazio, UK

Games, theater and media mixed into total experiences. This is Jakob la Cour specialist in.
– Nordiske Scenekunstdage

About my internship program:

In an internship at Jakob la Cour you will be challenged to conquer the world as your playground. You enter into a world which creates space for innovation, opportunity and imagination. You are in a whole new dimension where no two days are alike.”
– Neel Crillesen, 2012

Jakob la Cour is a very talented designer and an inspiring person to be around.”
– Pernille Sonne, 2014

About my facilitation:

The participants gave top reviews – we are very satisfied”
– Kerstin Andersen, Statens Scenekunstskole

Jakob got us to do things I’ve never imagined possible.”
– Dorte Kappelgaard

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