May 29, 2014

In a hyper-connected and heavy loaded data-world with a complex digital layer of reality and as a child of a capitalistic consumer society I’ve accumulated to much stuff and noise. Not least with my obsessive character and chaotic creative mind a natural need for less has emerged. That is why I have decided to simplify my life.
My basic needs are to sleep, to eat and to play. To play I need to move and meet. To meet people I need communications tools.

So one important area is communication. That is why I use my e-mail as a primary communication tool:

All the best
Jakob la Cour, Frederiksberg

Do the same
If you want to simplify as well then here is some inspiration. This is my standard message for Facebook:

Auto-reply: Thanks for reaching out to me on Facebook. If you need a quick response please write an e-mail to –

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