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Improvised phonetics

As part of my bodily focus and improvisation practice I train fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables with no readily comprehended meaning. I have uploaded it to YouTube and play around with the auto translate. The algorithm understood it as Italian.

Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone is a drama instructor whose teachings and books have focused on improvisational theatre and have had a major influence on the art of improvisation. In the course of his instruction, he would tell his students, “Don’t concentrate,” “Don’t think,” “Be obvious,” and “Don’t be clever!” His unorthodox techniques opened his students’ imagination and spontaneity. To understand the Mask it’s also necessary to understand the nature of trance itself. – Kieth Johnstone, 1979 We ‘read’ the body, and especially the head-neck relationship, but we experience ourselves as reading the Mask. – Kieth Johnstone, 1979