The power of Imagination

Imagination is a powerful human ability that is worth dedicating time to develop on a regular basis. Here are some exercises for artistic and personal development.

Infinite Inner Space – Imagine and infinite and eternal space within.

Sun Bathing – Imagine that your hole body it being warmed by the sun.

The World Above – Imagine a channel to access a world above the ground that you enter and explore.

The Underworld – Imagine a pathway to an underworld that you enter and explore.

Dream Self – Imagine your ideal dream territory, house, interior, cloth, partner and new body.

Shielding Force – Imagine a shielding force that emerge from the palm of your hand that you can use to stop the world from bringing you out of balance.

Dot of attention – Imagine a dot of transparent force that is your total focal point of attention. Place it where you need attention.