Mystical Touch


‘Mystical Touch’ is an immersive one-on-one mixed-reality performance for awakening high-level sensory awareness. The audience are equipped with a virtual reality headset, wireless headphone, and a vibration vest – then the audience blindfolded enter the ritual installation space to encounter mystical touch-points of energetic transformation. In a direct and personal meeting with the performer Jakob la Cour, the audience is taken on an intimate techno-spiritual journey.

To awake high-level sensory awareness we use a series of techniques spanning from sensorial triggers for relaxation and mindfulness to hypnotic and trance inducing suggestions utilizing touch, emotional intent, sounds, and fragrances.

‘Mystical Touch’ is a 20-minute, 3-stage journey, accommodating 1 participant at a time. It involves 5 mins sensory preparation, 10 mins multiplayer VR experience, and 5 mins integration & reflection.

Immersive VR performance
20 minutes

Featured at Nordic Panorama Festival, Sweden, 2019 and The Overkill Festival, The Netherlands, 2019.

© Still from video by JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO. Courtesy of JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO.

Artistic director: Jakob la Cour
Creative technologist: Nikolaj Stausbøl
Composer: Mikkel O. Holtoug
UX: Nikolaj Stausbøl
Performer: Jakob la Cour

Audience reflection: 1