Recreation is a 90-minute exclusive sensory performance for a very limited audience. Each receive a pair of radio frequency headphones and a black blindfold. Then they are lead to a personal spot on a soft mat on top of a custom build vibration floor.

The experience stimulates recreation and induce a calm, harmonized, and relaxed state of being. It is a unique sensory journey with ASMR artist and mystic Jakob la Cour and two sonic explorers each bringing a unique audio aspect to the experience spanning soundscape, granulation, and vibroacoustic.

The content is the result of vocal explorations using techniques from ASMR, chanting, shamanism, psychomagic, hypnosis, breathwork, meditation, and light language.

Immersive ASMR performance
90 minutes

Performer: Jakob la Cour
Musicians: Dennis Tuomi & Markus Trige

Photos by ideaitor