Random Magic

Random Magic is a framework for ordinary people to move in and with the city, relating the human body to the city’s flow and intervening with the choreography of the everyday. A participatory site-specific physical performance in a public environment.

A group of 8 – 12 audiences are instructed to transform selected materials into masks to wear in public. Then guided by Jakob la Cour to playfully approach the cityscape and citizens. Random Magic is a method to enter the collective unconsciousness within the city.

2 hours

Playful Arts Festival
‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
June 15, 2018

Playin’ Siegen Festival
Siegen, Germany
May 6, 2017

CounterPlay Festival at Dokk1
Aarhus, Denmark
March 31, 2017

© Still from video by JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO. Courtesy of JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO.