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Unlocking playful experiences

Welcome to my project portfolio. Here you can find a collection of selected projects. I hope that the collection will give you an idea of what I’m passionate about and make you inspired and curious. Thank you so much for your attention!

A collection of selected projects
I have categorized my work into the following four main categories:
1.) Physical group game
2.) Reality game
3.) Performing art
4.) Teaching, research, facilitation and event


Physical group game
Small rapid physical games for groups involving physical movement, theatricality and physical contact. The games are often supported by experimental technology and set in a public space.
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Reality game
I have produced, designed and directed big scale immersion games that mix improvised performance theatre, game dynamics, interactive media, pervasive elements and transmedia storytelling. These games question your worldview and believe system. They invite you to engage into 360 degree landscapes. Often long durational and using various reality layers thus blurring the boundaries between real and fictive, physical and digital.
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Performing art
I love to engage in projects where I get to act, improvise, role-play and perform. Please contact me if you want to use my performing skills.
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Facilitation, education and event
I often facilitate workshops, manage events and do lectures both national and international. I have some really cool stuff on the shelf ready to implement. Learn more about my services here.
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