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The power of Imagination

Imagination is a powerful human ability that is worth dedicating time to develop on a regular basis. Here are some exercises for artistic and personal development. Infinite Inner Space – Imagine and infinite and eternal space within. Sun Bathing – Imagine that your hole body it being warmed by the sun. The World Above – Imagine a channel to access a world above the ground that you enter and explore. The Underworld – Imagine a pathway to and underworld that you enter and explore. Dream Self – Imagine your ideal dream territory, house, interior, cloth, partner and new body. Shielding […]

FPV racing – drone POW

FPV racing is so cool!!! Love it. I would really love to try this quadcopter racing with first person point of view. This gives an idea why it is so cool! Here is how to build one. Note the ressources in the video description. The video headset KIT Fat Shark Teleporter is also nice. I bet it could be used for a lot of fun stuff. [img id=”9310″ width=”700″]

VR + Eye Tracking

Spend an evening with some awesome people at ITU in Copenhagen exploring VR + eye tracking. One of the demos was done with GoogleGlasses and a camera. It was interesting to experience the issues involving calibration of the eye and the possible control potential. [img id=”9301″ width=”700″]

Improvised phonetics

As part of my bodily focus and improvisation practice I train fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables with no readily comprehended meaning. I have uploaded it to YouTube and play around with the auto translate. The algorithm understood it as Italien ;0) [img id=”9224″ width=”700″]

Holographic Reality

The new HoloLens combine virtual and augmented reality with holographics thus creating the foundation for holographic reality. Wow – a wearable holodeck! ;0) Now we can finally immerse ourselfs in a holographic environment. See the Microsoft’s HoloLens Live Demonstration In March 2011 Microsoft were applying for patenting an ‘IMMERSIVE DISPLAY EXPERIENCE‘. I am really interested in who gets to define this new digitally supported reality playground.

Omnipresent experience

Experience a concert where you can jump to various point of views and experience audio and visuals from a spheric perspective. Go here: I like the potential and the hard work that has been put into presenting the various data through icons and visual aids. Great work! 3Dio is the company behind the omni-binaural microphones that are integrated in the three heads on sticks.

Release playful energy

I believe we are born to be curious and release playful energy into the universe by moving our bodies, exploring boundaries and exchanging with other people. But as we grow older we tend to get socialized into fixed consensus realities where we forget to be playful and end up passive and isolated. I want to change that. Photo from the workshop ‘Movement in education through playfulness‘

ASMR reflextions

I’ve spend some time trying to experience and understand the concept of ASMR. I really see potential in it and love the mediated experience. I’ve had tingling and even momentarily euphoria! It stimulate sensations of actual touch and visual enjoyment. One of my favourite ASMR practitioners is Ally of ASMRrequests. She explains her concern about the experience of being touched in a mediated way through the microphones: I really love this new kind of experience design problem.

Reality game definition ver. 0.1

I’ve struggled so much to explain and understand what I find important in the intersection between physical game, performing art, interactive technology and public play. I guess it will always be dynamic and in process. Nevertheless I am using the word reality game to name the intersection. It has to do with the ability to construct reality both inside my self and for others. Sometimes I call it immersion art for the gamer generation. I want the engagement of games and the full immersion of a reality. The frame of a reality game is a micro world that can be […]