Jakob la Cour (b. 1982, Copenhagen, Denmark) independent interaction artist at Studio la Cour (est. 2005) based in Copenhagen. With a Master’s Degree in Game and Interaction Design (2011) from The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Design.

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Artist Statement
Mystical forces and energetic transformation are the territories of my art as I embrace and surrender into play-induced euphoria.

The majority of the Western world’s population haven’t realized that these mystical states can be achieved. I want to change that – so the focus of my artistic work is to figure out how these enchanted reality transforming moments of euphoric play can be experienced.

Beside direct experience, my work draws on a lineage of cultural and artistic work that has explored the mystical. From the ancient shamanic and ritualized practices such as mask work to modern developments that can only be realized through new technologies.

I wish everyone get access to the sweet mystical joy.


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